The Masterplan for Hp & Eh
An European Masterplan for Health Promotion and Equity in Health is strongly required because:

      1. The regulatory framework about health is growing more than definition of institutional competencies.
      2. In democracy the long way from a proposal towards a law and from a law to implementation takes a lot of time.
      3. The universal implementation is strongly budget dependent.
      4. Financing health systems is actually a very huge matter.
      5. Innovation is still a concept without clear definition.
      6. The role of interactions is still understimated.
      7. Research about on a large scale implementation is still poor.
      8. The huge role of local health authorities is not well clear and poorly present in budgets.
      9. Bottom up planning is only a dream.
      10. The financial crisis leads to cut resources and costs without knowing the costs of theb cuts.
      11. A clearly defined local model of health production, promotion and protection on a large scale , with the participation of local health authorities, municipalities, school managers, trades and associations and general practitioners using all together a bottom up planning method , is still lacking

Training & development of skills

An HealthPromotion on a large scale capacity building is closely connected to a specific training & development of skills programme. In this direction it is not sufficient the traditional training , but a specific motivational training through well designed Masters and other tools offered by ICT


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