We analyze the basic form: the Model of Promotion and Production of Health (MPPH) designed by Italian for Quality of Life for the Region of Puglia-FG ASL.
The point of departure of MPPH are 500 General Practitioners for TRAIL MEDICINE: recruit a gradually increasing number of patients agreeing with the patient himself a path where the patients take exact vision of the objectives and tasks / duties to their own health , having as a reference the document on the state of health of the population of the Province of Foggia, for the proper analysis of prevalence of avoidable and predictable events, with respect to economic and social conditions for the establishment of priorities.
The GP , true and proper "Sentinels of Health" will be the directors of the definition of structures and physical infrastructure and intangible assets that the territory should contain and interaction among GP,RHS and Social Services, with the collaboration of all experience at European level and THE KNOWLEDGE OF REGULATORY FRAMEWORK IN THE EUROPEAN, NATIONAL AND REGIONAL level.
The Manager of Health, public figure (director of district?) will be their direct contact to build the entire route, acting SUPPORT OF COMMUNICATION (MEDIA, SCIENTIFIC INFORMANTS for HEALTH, ACTIONS STATISTICAL - EPIDEMIOLOGICAL, EVOLVED MODELS OF BUDGET Etc.)


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