The prolonged discomfort , in whatever form it occurs, is however, directly or indirectly pre-pathological or pathological. The RHS collects the "fruits" in terms of social pathologies to be treated.
It is a huge issue that certainly deserves a discussion aside, but in the MPPH that we are going to submit it occupies a strategic position: the deprivations are never only a concept. They are chronic conditions which lead to mortification of the psycho neuro endocrine and immune therefore "mothers" of many diseases, invisible because deferred over time.
A characteristic of MPPH and is that of a holistic view of the time. Today it is piecemeal and fragmented: you note the predictable event only if there is a specific culture "actuarial" of the evolution of diseases. You’ve to see contemporarly past, present and future of the patient if you want to be really useful to avoid hillness.
An important topic is that of motivational, relational, cognitive and motory decline, which add to the economic decline: without adequate action of MPPH diseases land on budgets as paratroopers without parachute.

The cooperation of local authorities, improving the quality 'of this proposal in Zone Plans are other strengths of MPPH


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