The MPPH should not be thought of as a separate entity than the Public Health, there is no dividing line between organic healthy and sick (in a hypothetical Gaussian the infinite shades of gray are very large majority compared to white and black).
There is a diagnostic work (clinical and instrumental) that must be applied to MPPH. There is a risk diagnosys and therapy , which still has to be developed.
We must therefore think MPPH integration with the hospital and its territorial structures (diagnostics, day hospitals, shelters short etc.) in order to:


    1. Monitoring and documentation of the effects over time of MPPH on the functioning of organs and systems
    2. Removal through integratation between public health and MPPH of avoidable events (metabolic syndrome, low motory activity syndrome, anxious-depressive syndromes, mitigating the effects of chronic conditions, etc)
    3. Promote the culture of ex ante and not ex post
    4. Ensure flexibility of quantity and quality of benefits and rehabilitation in particular, depending on the specific loads (breaks, chronicity, rare diseases, addiction, poverty etc.)
    5. Promote MPPH full and equal dignity respect of local health institutions in Regional Health System (RHS


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