At European level: The Actors "Producer of health"


  • Age-Platform ( the Italian Institute for Quality of Life is Member)
  • EFGCP (European Forum for Good Clinical Practice) ( dr. Felli, President of the Italian Institute for Quality of Life is Member)
  • EPHA (European Public Health Alliance) ( the Italian Institute for Quality of Life is Member)
  • European Partners for Equity in Health
  • FERPA (European Federation of Retired Persons and Older)EUREGHA


The Actors "Producer of health"


  1. The Citizen (selfproducer of health, for which, reaching the goals of health will be studied appropriate incentives)
  2. The system of Motor Sciences (there is a vast scientific output, appeared on culminated in Circulation in 2007, which shows a linear relationship between quantity 'motion and reduction of cardiovascular risk)
  3. The system of Nutrition Sciences (foods as determinants of health)
  4. The system of the Social as Therapy (furniture of the time, art, culture, combating loneliness etc.)
  5. The system of bio-strengthening - make Chronic the Health (new generation of drugs, vaccines, spas etc.)
  6. The system of Small Townships - Villages of Health City of Itaqua Project of Italian Instiutute for Quality of Health (the environment as a place and an instrument of therapy, weather stations, treatment climate,suntherapy etc.)
  7. The system of Communication ( to produce new habits and attitudes not fleeting and to use ICT finally also to grow )


What are the changes needed in the field of professionals? 
For example, the figure of the Manager of Health (Director District?), The Medical Sentinel of Health (MMG, young MD?)


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