Producing health model: 
Possibility, potentiality and criticality of planning on a large scale.
 Proposal and implementation of pilot "Models of Promotion and Production of Health on a large scale"- MPPH in the European context.



The launch of the second European Plan for Health 2008-2013 marks a historic step for climate: the issue of promotion, protection and production of health is now universally accepted as the emerging type of costs in the near future, given the obvious impossibility
to maintain the current system of resource use as the sole mode' spending. And given the impossibility to entrust to a culture compilation (cuts and roofs) the sensitive issue of constitutional right to health.


The delicate relationship between "rights & budgets" in the field of health shows significant developments: how you cannot confuse the right to healing with the right to health, so no one cannot confuse the budget for healing with that for health . It cannot be ignored the fact that the increase in longevity mass cannot be managed, as mentioned above, with the policy of cuts and roofs. The Report EUROSTAT 2008 confirms the need to give utmost importance to the growthg of the phenomenon of mass. No one cannot rationalise in the intentions and then ration in practice. 
There are at present, even if present in extremely pulverized way, multiple and valid scientific evidence, good practices, principles, criteria and experiences that comfort about the possibility of counter events in terms of avoidable morbidity' and mortality ', reaching double objective of improving the quality of life and hinder the development of major diseases. 
However, we must affirm that there is no particular attention to the issue of implementing policies and experimentation, where the case, tends to reproduce patterns occasional shaped and with little consistency in the territory.
In short it is to lose the "sum" of the various interventions when these, however valid, should be carried out in different territories and distant.
An equally important issue is the impact on people, resulting very insignificant when they produced experience with few numbers.
Health producing is a social conquest if you stop at the statement, certainly not yet if we look at the numbers. When you think of an application on a large scale (and others could not be, talking about health)you need to design specific strategies, tactics, methodologies and tecnomethodologies. We need a specific plan for that concerns the fundamental pivot: the participation of the patient at the new location, new habits, that should provide a "time" to devote to their health.

So that the idea to imagine and implement a model of implementation on a large scale and with wide popular participation has a precise meaning: to make the instrument of action by failing to produce only principles, criteria and good practices. Making the consent and participation of the elements of news.

 Open document sent .



This initiative indicates that:


    1. There is a widespread and shared conviction of having to implement production systems of health, within the guidelines of modern "health in all policies"
    2. There are well-established evidence of efficiency and effectiveness of practices relating to produce health, albeit in pulverized form and at different times and on numbers.
    3. We must point decisively to issues of implementation on a large scale and with broad popular participation for this purpose by starting a specific model inspired by the concept of large reclamations in health and a reasoned review and shared the new budget for health
    4. Perhaps the problem is not that Italy, with its 8.5% of GDP on Sanita' is the lowest tail, but that the whole of Europe underestimates the resource requirements for population’s health
    5. The patient economically fragile and elderly with chronic diseases, new forms of poverty , the weakening purchasing power of wages (or if you want their particular inadequacy, not only in Italy) pose with urgency the question of how to produce health as a huge institutional duty.


As fallout from this experience:


    1. Experimentation of new figures (health manager, general practitioner sentinel for health etc,) at the level of local health institutions in about 4 European countries
    2. Analysis of new infrastructures, equipment and intangible assets to produce health, to ensure the monitoring of the interception of avoidable events and efficacy of actions taken , for training continues, for health education, information and communication, for provision of assistance needed (register of producers of health, the citizen as self producer of health, the issue of incentives change of habits etc.)
    3. Acquisition of elements for a clinical econometric actuarial to better understand the complex dynamics of cost of health and disease over time.
    4. Check in theory first and then gradually practice, possible impact the allocation of additional 5% of the budget local sanitary institutions in supporting the Model Promotion and Production of Health (MPPH) than morbidity 'and deaths' avoidable



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