We are a group of local health authorities and municipalities managers, general practitioners and specialist, sociologist, psycologist, biologists, lawyers, economists and architects who started in 1985 to study health promotion as a common house and equity in health as the result of delicate balance between rights&budgets. At that time we created the Italian Institute for Quality for Life and in 2010, 25 years after, with people from almost all European Countris, we created the Equity in Health Institute as a part of it.


With our work a local health authorities, universities, national associations of municipalities and public health agencies network started to apply health promotion and equity in health criteria on a large scale. Nowadays equity in health, health promotion, healthy ageing appear as the true challenges, being budgets diffusely helathcare centered. This debate now has a European wide dimension. We learn a lot from normal people who teach us to plan with head in the sky while putting the boots on the ground of needs. The idea to build a balanced health system where health promotion and healthcare could have the same right and budget dignity started to appear.





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